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Welcome to the Northern Colorado Bloggers' Society (NoCoBloSo), a collective dedicated to excellence in development of the online community through interactive, multi-media expression. The members of NoCoBloSo represent artists, writers, and intellectuals that have set the standard for quality in their respective fields. Each has been awarded with the NoCoBloSo seal of certification.

The Vision of NoCoBloSo is to create a consortium of the highest quality bloggers in northern Colorado.

The Mission of NoCoBloSo is to provide a network of certified blogs that entertain and educate the readers served.

NoCoBloSo certified blogs attract readership through a trusted network of endorsement. They achieve superior communication standards demonstrated to build a sustainable base.
Certification criteria:
1. Blogger must be a resident of northern Colorado.
2. The blog must have been in existence for one month or more at the time of application.
3. The blog must demonstrate that it is updated on a consistent basis (defined as a minimum of once per month).4. The blog must have at least 100 hits per month.
5. The blog content must be educational or entertaining in the any of the following fields: science, politics, sports, philosophy, or the arts.

Interested in certification? Click here to email us the following information.

Blogger name:
Preferred contact information:
Name of blog:
Date blog started:
Average # updates per month:
Average # of hits per month (include stats screen shot):
Please describe the purpose of your blog:
Please include three (3) samples that typifies your work:
Please include two (2) positive reader comments with dates:

Thank you for your interest in NoCoBloSo certification! The certification panel meets monthly and recipients are notified within the first week of the following month.

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